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By now you have heard of the Common Core State Standards. If you teach any subject at any grade level in almost any state in the US, you know that they will greatly affect what you teach in your classroom in the next few years. And you are probably working hard to get ready.

So are we at Connected Mathematics.

The first step was to produce supplementary materials for CMP2 so that classrooms using the curriculum as it is right now can teach all Common Core standards at each grade level without shuffling books between grade levels and having to write the occasional fill-in lesson. Those materials are available now from Pearson.

And for the past year, we have been working on a revision of the materials that will be fully aligned with Common Core (natively compliant, as the techies would say). We have been writing CMP3.

This blog is an effort to communicate with and gather information from the field as we work-teachers primarily, but we also hope to hear from researchers, curriculum directors, principals, parents and students.

In the coming weeks and months we’ll write about the opportunities and challenges involved in the revision work and we’ll seek your feedback.

We hope to encourage thoughtful conversation about teaching and learning mathematics in the age of Common Core State Standards.

Use the comments on our blog to tell us your hopes for the revision, to help us understand the concerns of teachers, schools and districts as you gear up for Common Core. Talk to us.

  1. Barb McArthur 6-8 Math TOSA Portland Public Schools. permalink

    What are the authors thinking about how to organize CMP2 for the Compacted Trajectory courses in the Common Core? Which units would go in the 7th/8th grade course, and what would be left for the 8th/9th grade course? Any suggestions?

  2. Priscilla permalink

    What is the timeline for the release of CMP3, Common Core aligned?
    Sorry, but I am new to the blog and looking for CCSS quality options!

    • Christopher permalink

      Thanks for stopping by, Priscilla. The plan is to have CMP3 ready for classroom use in Fall 2013. We are in the process of incorporating final feedback from field tests and reviews on early units and getting final versions together for the first set of rolling deadlines. The final production schedule is in Pearson’s hands; they are committed to availability for Fall 2013 as Common Core testing rolls out.

      This timeline explains the lack of recent posting here-no one has any time to write anything else! But do send along questions. We’ll share information here as it becomes available.

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