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Closing up the blog

June 7, 2012

With deepest apologies to all who had hoped for more frequent updates as we worked on CMP3, this will be our final post. The amount of work required to get the basic job done left us without time to keep you all updated as we had planned.

Here are a few short updates and then we’ll redirect all inquiries through the CMP website.

Reader Jenny asks in the comments:

What’s new in the development of CMP3? On target for Spring 2013?

Would it be possible to post an outline or Table of Contents so we may begin planning for the transition to the Common Core? My district would like to move a unit or two this coming school year followed by full implementation the next year. Any information you could provide would be greatly appreciated!

The target is still to have the curriculum ready for classroom use in Fall 2013. Business negotiations between Michigan State (which owns the copyright) and Pearson (which edits and produces the physical product) are in their final phases. As soon as that wraps up, the first set of final drafts of units will go to Pearson for production. At that point, all timelines will be out of the hands of the Connected Math crew at MSU.

But the goal is certainly to have samples of at least some units available in the coming school year. And Pearson will definitely be producing Common Core alignment materials ASAP, including scope and sequence information for the units. Please keep an eye on the CMP website and stay in touch with your Pearson rep.

We have plans to make 2013’s CMP Users’ Conference in February be an official rollout of CMP3. Detailed information about that should be available mid-to-late fall. Keep an eye on the CMP website for dates.


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