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Compacted Trajectories and Other Common Core Concerns

November 8, 2011

Barb asked in the comments recently:

What are the authors thinking about how to organize CMP2 for the Compacted Trajectory courses in the Common Core?  Which units would go in the 7th/8th grade course, and what would be left for the 8th/9th grade course?  Any suggestions?

This is honestly not a conversation that we have had. It is possible that Pearson has designed something that nominally fits the request, and that will likely suffice until CMP3 is in print. In the meantime, we would be happy to look over anything you’ve put together and give some quick, critical feedback.

If it’s on the web, post a link in the comments and we’ll get to it as soon as we can. Otherwise, we can catch up by email; we’ve got yours since you left it when you commented.

The issue of what is going to happen in eighth grade in the Common Core era concerns us tremendously. We greatly welcome your feedback on this question:

How will districts handle the fact that the eighth grade CCSS have minimal algebra when the recent trends have been towards more algebra in eighth grade, not less? In particular, will you teach to both the eighth grade CCSS standards AND the Algebra standards for high school?



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  1. Mark Schommer permalink

    My thought is the quantity of specific algebra has been part of the problem at 8th grade in leiu of algebraic thinking. That said, the CCSS has a strong portion of base algebra in grade 8. For those that are ready, the combination of 7th and 8th grade in 7th grade will allow for algebra 1 at 8th grade but combining them will be tricky.

    In respect to the great teaching strategy of answering a question with a question, how is CMP3 going to incorporate the massive amounts of geometry in the 7-8 sequence of the CCSS? In WI we are a SMARTER Balanced Assessment state. Reading through the most recent press releases, the plan is testing most geometry concepts at Webbs DOK level 1 in 8th grade. I would think this is a major shift for CMP.

    • Christopher permalink

      Mark asks, how is CMP3 going to incorporate the massive amounts of geometry in the 7-8 sequence of the CCSS? .

      Good question. There’s a two-part answer. (1) A big revision to Shapes and Designs as we shift it to seventh grade, and (2) Revising Kaleidoscopes, Hubcaps and Mirrors at eighth grade.

  2. Jenny Stewart permalink

    What’s new in the development of CMP3? On target for Spring 2013?

    Would it be possible to post an outline or Table of Contents so we may begin planning for the transition to the Common Core? My district would like to move a unit or two this coming school year followed by full implementation the next year. Any information you could provide would be greatly appreciated!

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