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Building an online community

September 30, 2011

Twice now in the comments on this blog, we have gotten requests for a place where CMP teachers can share online. For example:

Where is there access to teachers talking to others implementing CMP? I do a reasonably good job searching the web for resources, but find nothing much about CMP. Why? I would like to participate in an active discussion about the investigations in various units, but none seem to exist? Are they not allowed? I am curious. I have taught CMP for a long time, currently for 7th grade and such conversations would be helpful.

We agree.

The true answer to the question, Why is there no online CMP community?, I’m afraid, is the simplest one. No one has done it.

Back in the mid 90’s, when CMP was in the original piloting phase, there was a bulletin board (you dialed in directly to it), and that didn’t get much traffic (for obvious reasons). In the late 90’s, there was a listserv for CMP leaders that did fairly well. But in the age of Web 2.0? No one has put it together.

Twitter would be one way to go. The disadvantage there is that Twitter is a synchronous communication medium. If you teach Prime Time at the beginning of 6th grade and someone else does it at the end of 5th, you’re unlikely to find each other.

(UPDATE: In the week between writing this piece and posting it, CMP has gone live on Twitter: find us as @connectedmath)

A blog requires curating. This blog is focused on keeping the field informed about the revision for CMP3—and allowing for input as the revision proceeds—rather than on supporting dialogue about the current practice of CMP2 teachers.

We have looked into a few other platforms and haven’t been able to craft the vision.

So, again, please let us know if you have any examples of the sort of thing you’d like to see exist. We’d be delighted to give something a try. Through Facebook and the CMP3 blog (and our known network of leaders, and the publisher, etc…) it would be easy to spread the word widely that we’re trying to build something. We just need to have a vision for what to build.


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  1. Jennifer Leimberer permalink

    Did CMP every develop a vision for this on-line support? I am trying to develop something similar for Math Trailblazers. It all seems simpler than it is… .doesn’t it.

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