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CMP and Common Core

May 13, 2011

By now you have heard of the Common Core State Standards. If you teach any subject at any grade level in almost any state in the US, you know that they will greatly affect what you teach in your classroom in the next few years. And you are probably working hard to get ready.

So are we at Connected Mathematics.

The first step was to produce supplementary materials for CMP2 so that classrooms using the curriculum as it is right now can teach all Common Core standards at each grade level without shuffling books between grade levels and having to write the occasional fill-in lesson. Those materials are available now from Pearson.

And for the past year, we have been working on a revision of the materials that will be fully aligned with Common Core (natively compliant, as the techies would say). We have been writing CMP3.

This blog is an effort to communicate with and gather information from the field as we work-teachers primarily, but we also hope to hear from researchers, curriculum directors, principals, parents and students.

In the coming weeks and months we’ll write about the opportunities and challenges involved in the revision work and we’ll seek your feedback.

We hope to encourage thoughtful conversation about teaching and learning mathematics in the age of Common Core State Standards.

Use the comments on our blog to tell us your hopes for the revision, to help us understand the concerns of teachers, schools and districts as you gear up for Common Core. Talk to us.


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  1. Nancy McLaughlin permalink

    How can I keep abreast of new developments and helpful comments from CMP users with regard to the implementation of the CCSS?

    • Christopher permalink

      This is the place, Nancy. You can also friend us on Facebook.

      Let us know what information you need and we’ll make sure to work it into future posts.

  2. nancy permalink

    Thanks Chris,

    Am I already signed up to receive updates as they are posted on this blog? I am trying to register on the blog. Facebook is blocked from most school web environments. I can sign on at home but not at work. If a comment gets posted, will I automatically receive it?

    Thanks again. ~Nancy

    • Christopher permalink

      You are indeed, Nancy. It’s been a busy summer of curriculum writing and not much blog updating. We’ll get some updates out starting in the next couple of weeks.

  3. Mark Schommer permalink

    I do not fear the student who keeps on top of their classrooms, nor the teacher who implements CMP properly. I fear time. It appears to me that CMP has added time to a schedule that is very full already. My teachers have difficulty finishing the requirements and to add additional (even though it is necessary) makes me much more concerned.

    Will CMP3 be removing current CMP2 topics or re-aligning.

    • Christopher permalink


      Will CMP3 be removing current CMP2 topics or re-aligning.

      Good question. You should know that time is a huge concern on our part. Huge. We really are realigning and taking very seriously the question of time.
      You won’t be getting a bloated and overloaded CMP3.
      But this deserves a full post; we’ll get one up soon.

  4. C. Slegons permalink

    Where is there access to teachers talking to others implementing CMP? I do a reasonably good job searching the web for resources, but find nothing much about CMP. Why? I would like to participate in an active discussion about the investigations in various units, but none seem to exist? Are they not allowed? I am curious. I have taught CMP for a long time, currently for 7th grade and such conversations would be helpful.

    C. Slegona

  5. Julie Nall permalink

    I see that the CCSS has 5th grade teachers teaching the partial product method of division and then 6th grade teachers are to link this understanding to the standard division algorithm. my teachers don’t know how to do this and are struggling with just teaching the rote long division algoritm. The kids don’t understand it nor do they want to. Nowhere in the 6th grade CMP2 does it show teachers how to make this transition. It seems like a small detail but it causes major problems for our students, teachers and parents at grades 5 and 6. I have in the past asked the terachers to continue w/ partial products but now w/ the new CCSS it clearly says to fluently divide multi-digit numbers using the standard algorithm.Do you have suggestions?

  6. Sallie Kaan permalink

    What is the timeline for publishing CMP3? Any idea of when it will be available?

    • Christopher permalink

      Our working schedule right now is to have CMP3 available for classroom use in Fall 2014. This date is contingent on the publisher’s production schedule, which will be finalized by the end of this year.

  7. Sallie Kaan permalink

    Will there be any sessions regarding CMP3 at the upcoming User’s conference in Michigan? I was hoping to see more on the Common Core and CMP but it seems that the only part of the Common Core they are addressing are the Math Practices. Those are easy to implement with CMP!!! I need help with the rest of the CCCS!

  8. edfocus permalink

    I have your blog linked to my school site for parents and other teachers to follow. I am also an avid researcher and follower of the trends in CCSS and CMP.

    I invite you to follow my writing on the subject, and comment on where I’m heading in the right/wrong directions. I look forward to hearing more about the new revision!
    Kris Nielsen

  9. Jaime Baker permalink

    I would love to be involved in this process. My district uses CMP and loves it. How can we get involved?

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